What Is The Standard For Luxury Shower Door

- Jul 24, 2017 -

shower door tempered glass

Common glass classification and difference: 

A, ordinary glass: that is not bent or tempered ordinary glass. Its impact resistance is poor, the rupture state for any type, if used in the shower enslosure but a glass rupture, the damage to the human body is very serious or even fatal.

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B, Rewan glass: heated by the plate glass softening in the mold in the mold, and then made by annealing the arc (curved) surface glass, the strength of curved glass slightly higher than ordinary glass, but the glass is also the state of the fracture, The human body is more harmful, but the advantage lies in the tempered glass can not do the curvature of the curved glass can do.

  C, semi-tempered glass: not to achieve the tempered glass tempered glass called semi-tempered glass, semi-tempered glass is the most important feature of the size and shape of particles after the broken irregular, broken after the human injury is compared big.

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D, tempered glass: it is a physical or chemical method, the glass surface to form a compressive stress layer, the glass itself has a high compressive strength, will not cause damage. When the glass is subjected to external force, the pressure layer can be part of the tensile stress offset to avoid the glass fragmentation, although the tempered glass inside the larger tensile stress state, but the glass inside the absence of defects, will not cause damage, so as to achieve Improve the strength of the glass. Tempered glass is much more flexible than ordinary glass, a 1200mm × 350mm × 6mm tempered glass, the force can be up to 100mm bending deflection, when the external force is removed, can still restore the status quo, and ordinary glass bending deformation only A few millimeters.

The quality of tempered glass is affected by the equipment, technology, technology and management of the original film and glass deep processing plant. Karinio currently adopts the original film of Shanghai Yao Pi Company, and then carries out the deep processing of glass (opening, Drilling, frosting / silk screen, steel).

           6mm tempered glass temperature around 695 ℃, according to the glass thickness of the different temperatures will be some changes. High temperature high burst rate, low particles uneven, even very large and very sharp; tempered glass per 50 × 50 mm area after the broken particles should be ≥ 40 capsules, KARINIO tempered glass every 50 × 50 mm area after the broken Of the particles in the 60 to 80 tablets, the glass of high transparency, uniform steel, high safety factor, is to reach the national 3C and European BS6206 standard automotive glass, but also the best quality of domestic tempered glass.

            In the detection of glass: KARINIO using original light detection equipment, glass impact table to detect the quality of the control of tempered glass.

Aluminum alloy (aluminum frame):

             Aluminum is a kind of metal element extracted from aluminum ore. The best country in the world is aluminum, followed by China, then Australia. China's aluminum base a lot, such as Guizhou, Shanxi, Gansu and other places, of which the best aluminum ore is Guizhou. Due to more enterprises in Hangzhou shower room, aluminum not only requires toughness and good hardness,

            Aluminum by high-quality aluminum ingots through the high temperature of 2000 ℃ to add about 5% of zinc, iodine, sodium, magnesium, titanium and other elements smelting, and then the aluminum alloy solution with a mold into 500 mm long aluminum rod, and then 1000 ℃ temperature Processing softening, extrusion through the mold into the required aluminum, known as the aluminum alloy profiles.

KARINIO shower room is the best, the most suitable for the use of aluminum shower room, aluminum hardness of 13 to 14 degrees, aluminum wall thickness of 1.0 to 1.2 mm, or even to 4 to 6 mm, hard and tough Moderate and not brittle, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and other important indicators are better than the requirements of international standards.

            Comparison of aluminum methods:

            A, poor quality of aluminum after oxidation of the majority of surface color, lines, trachoma, etc .;

            B, high-quality aluminum hardness is good, less impurities, cut off the cross-section shiny;

            C, low-grade shower room of the aluminum profile is not flat with burrs, forced pinch aluminum profile soft;

            D, the whole body to do pull up to prove its load-bearing capacity.

            In the structure of aluminum, Deng Yu all the tracks using the original "V" or "i" -shaped design, rollers and aluminum with high precision, the door in the opening and closing process smooth and smooth, on the rail with the defense Derailment device double pulley or three pulleys, the bottom rail with hanging beads or hook, to ensure that the use of non-normal door to not derailment. While the other manufacturers are up and down the same track is the U-shaped track, the door easy to derailment, gap, the wall part of the adjustment is not about the function, can not correct the wall construction error, knot more burr, uneven, overall sense of rough.

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shower rollers/shower wheels

  rollers is the most important push-pull shower room, only the structure is reasonable, excellent material pulley, in order to protect the product life. karinio shower bathroom from beginning to end focus on the perfect combination of pulley and track, KARINO shower all the wheels are imported stainless steel closed bearing plastic package, pulley after 100,000 consecutive continuity, destructive anti-fatigue push and pull test. Coupled with the exclusive use of V-shaped track design, rollers is not easy to wear, no virtual position, the gap is small no shaking. The pulley is also designed with a safety device, both in the brutal use of the conditions of the pulley will not derailment, so absolutely safe.


shower Hardware parts: 

        Karinio shower box frameless series mainly used 62 # copper fittings and 304 stainless steel fittings.

            62 copper is a copper alloy, 62 is the label, the higher the label the higher the copper content, while the higher the cost, such as the shower  of the big bend, it is necessary to use 62 copper or higher, otherwise tough enough It is prone to crack or break when bent. Another factor affecting the quality of copper fittings is the quality of electroplating, karinio shower room all the plating parts (including plastic parts) must ensure that the seven plating, the first layer of copper plating, the second layer of copper (using the world The best South African imports of copper), the third layer of copper plating (plated three different nature of the copper purpose is to clean many times, and trim the surface of the copper pieces filled with tiny pinhole;), the fourth layer of plating half Nickel, five layers of all-nickel-plated, six-layer nickel-plated front (because the nickel surface of this element is honeycomb, must be plated two different layers of nickel in order to amend the pits, so as to avoid the product surface black Point, pinhole and other quality problems, nickel 200,000 yuan / ton, high cost); seventh layer of chrome, to prevent corrosion to keep bright, improve hardness and wear resistance; the surface is also treated by paint, more wear, The Karinio electroplating parts through the acid salt spray test 24 hours of testing (beyond the national standard corporate standards), the surface does not appear black spots, blistering, delamination and other undesirable phenomena.

Sweep Seal /Bottom Seal/ Drip Rail With Sweep

      Karinio shower cabin using sealing tape and soft and hard co-extruded seal, in the 8 years of production in the shower waterproof tape continuous improvement and innovation, access to the most mature, the best soft material formula and stable production process, KARINIO glue No trace in the cold winter or in the hot summer, the elasticity of the sweep, the sealing effect was no significant change, the best weather performance. The main features of the performance in the anti-UV, cold is not cracked, permeability and flexibility, waterproof effect, long service life.

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shower tray 

               Currently on the market at the bottom of the shower room is the most used to block the stone (artificial stone or marble), followed by the tray, and the earliest use of acrylic material, because of its short life,

             Artificial stone shower tray correction of the acrylic bottom basin life is short, a single color and other deficiencies. Artificial stone is currently widely used.